Vitivinos Anunciación, S.C.L.

About us

Our Vineyards, with an age of 30-70 years, are situated at 800 meters above sea level. With the dry continental climate (350 liter of rainfall per year) and clayey soil, the vigor of the vine-stock diminishes. The extreme temperature difference between night and day promotes a slow ripening and a perfect formation of the grapes red substance as well as the genuine aroma of the variety. The whole ecosystem in our area is ideal for producing high quality grapes and concentrated wines.
With varieties like Bobal, Tempranillo, Shiraz, Mazuelo, Caberneth Sauvignon and organic grape we achieve fresh and clean wines with an intense dark cherry color. The Macabeo and Albillo used in our white wines ripens slowly enabling a wine with structure, fresh and fruity.
At Vitivinos we are committed to producing quality wine with our local grape Bobal. The Ministry of Science and Technology is co-financing a R+D project supervised by Mr. José Gracia whose objective is to develop and implement a specific biotechnology for Bobal wine making and aging wine. We are especially proud to be the only winery in Spain that has been granted with international awards for a single variety wine made of Bobal.

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  • Contact Person: Jorge García Cuenca
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    Villamalea (Albacete) CP 02270