Ródenas y Rivera, S.A.

About us

"Ródenas y Rivera" is a company in the industrial and consumer product Wrapping and Packaging sector. Its origins go back to the 40s, when its founder, Mr Pedro Ródenas Córcoles, was engaged in the manufacture of jute wrapping and packaging. Thanks to the success of this activity, in 1972, because of market requirements, the company decided to transform this packaging over to plastic, Polypropylene and Polyethylene. New products and applications were then developed in a process of innovation which has continued right up to present times.

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Francisco Felipe Albaladejo
  • Phone: (+34) 967543204
  • Email: pfelipe@rodenasrivera.com
  • Address:

    Hellin (Albacete) CP 20400

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