Manufacturas Lillotex, S.A.


Manufacturas Lillotex has been dedicated to the manufacture of garments since 1996.
Specialists in pants. Consultancy service for fashion brands.

The company has evolved naturally with its customers towards a collaborative model that offers a broad portfolio of services and customized manufacturing solutions.
From the choice of fabrics to the delivery of the finished product, Lillotex provides you with all the resources and processes necessary to ensure that your collection meets the quality standards and service deadlines set by your brand.
The company exports most of its production to fashion firms and brands from the E.U. and the United Kingdom

Lillotex carries out all its business and industrial activity in a single work center and is one of the few companies in the Spanish textile sector that has its own production plant
This competitive advantage eliminates external dependencies, optimizes time and guarantees quality control in all phases and processes.
The company has facilities of more than 5.000 m which, during the March 2020 confinement, allowed it to reach a new milestone. The reopening of the production plant to manufacture protective clothing and surgical masks during the worst moment of the pandemic and and in the middle of a shortage.
Lillotex maintains the manufacturing of sanitary and industrial PPE in its facilities. The production of FFP2 masks is carried out in a clean room.


Manufacturas Lillotex has more than 5 decades of experience in the sector. A long trajectory endorsed by the recognition of professional associations and official institutions.
The company’s path, however, is based on the bonds of trust established with customers and the company’s commitment. To continuous improvement and constant adaptation to the market.
Demands and challenges that make us evolve towards personalization, efficiency and triple sustainability.


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  • Contact Person: D. Jose Eugenio Lillo Piqueras
  • Phone: +3434 967 21 07 12
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    Parque Empresarial Campollano C/E, Nº27
    02007, Albacete, Castilla La Mancha,



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