Perinox, S.A.

About us

PERINOX bases its activity on the design, consulting, manufacturing, installation, sale and maintenance of machinery and equipment for the food industry in general, and milk in particular. Within the dairy sector, we are specialized in cheese.

Our services

We provide CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS for each client, combining technology and tradition. We ensure at all times, quality, productivity, performance and hygiene.

We follow a continuous process of innovation and constant adaptation to the needs of the dairy sector, and have developed INNOVATIONS AND NEW PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES thank to our resources for innovation.

We are pioneers in the application of membrane filtration technology in the dairy industry, and we are currently LEADERS DEVELOPING APPLICATIONS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF CHEESE.

We work closely with leading Research Centers in the world, as well as components suppliers that are leaders worldwire.

We guarantee a continuous assistance service, backed by our years of experience and the satisfaction of our customers.

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Iván Torres Senabre
  • Phone: (+34) 967145914
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    Villarobledo (Albacete) CP 02600