Credit insurance company with a long history in the market and with a wide range of nationally and internationallyinsurance and financing products nationally and internationally.

We have a customer-focused vocation and our flexibility allows us to offer:

  • Global credit insurance or individual operations.
  • Credit and financial information of clients
  • Financing of operations

With a presence in Albacete, we have a highly qualified team with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

We have established a very professional and direct management system with the client, in which we offer advice on the product that best suits their needs and we collaborate closely with them.

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Antonio Maestro
  • Phone: +34 967 193 386
  • Email: amaestro@cesce.es
  • Address:

    Plaza Constitución, 8, Entreplanta, Oficina 5
    02002   Albacete