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Diclesa Group is a group of companies specialised in full equipment for public buildings,  geriatric centers, hospitals…

From the initial idea to the final implementation, our team is responsible for all provision,  (turnkey  projects).

Our experience and knowledge together our project department of desing proyects and technical specification department,   allow us to get the best guarantee and service.

We have extensive experience in equipping Hospitals and Health, Geriatric Nursing, Day Care Centers and Alzheimer's Care and Child Care Centers, Libraries, Cultural Centers, Educational Centers, Halls and Theatres, Public Management Offices, etc


TecnitramoTECNITRAMO is our INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY  EQUIPMENT division.   Spain leader in global equipment for laundry and dry cleaning stores. We manufacture industrial washing machines with and without barrier health, dryers, ironers and spotting tables, steam generators, etc..


MP Diclesa

Grupo DiclesaOur “EQUIPAMIENTOS & CONTRACT” division (FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT) offers solutions in the supply of furnitures, clinical equipment,  physiotherapy apparatus and rehabilitation, children's furniture and indoor and outdoor games for kindergardens, curtains, linens,accessories decoration and in general everything necessary for the implementation of a public building.


CuinoxCUINOX satisfies all the requirements for the professional kitchen. From the small restaurant to the biggest hotels and hospitals, Cuinox distributes fryers, cookers, small dishwashers, ovens and all types of trays and accessories. Cuinox offer solutions adapted to each client. Our philosophy is the quality of the production and a good value for money.


ValleverdeVALLEVERDE is our HYGIENE SYSTEMS AND DISINFECTION division. Valleverde offers dispenser systems to optimize the consumption in the washing processes. Our degreasing agents and disinfectants, detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners for laundry and general products for cleaning have an excellent quality – price relation.

Open Clean

Open CleanIf you are considering starting your own business OPEN CLEAN, our PRESSING EXPRESS FRANCHISE is your alternative.
 A franchise allows you to start a business with the support of the franchisor, who already has long experience. We perfectly know and understand the traditional dry cleaning and franchise business. You can also take advantages of the synergies of belonging to a recognized brand.   Open Clean is a new dry cleaner´s concept.

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    Parque Empresarial Campollano C/ E, nº 50 , 02007 Albacete – España