Pradas Sucesores, S.L.

About us

Pradas Sucesores, S.L is serving the shoe industry since 1967 with 50 years of professional experience of offering its customers the best shoe machinery, accesories and spare parts in the market and the best after sales service.

Our services

We are recognised specialists in producing, repairing and reconditioning machinery and spare parts for "GoodYear Welt" production and provide a global service of advice, training, sales, maintenance and also repair and reconstruction of old or used machinery.

 Pradas Sucesores, S.L. stocks a wide range of used and rebuilt machinery for footwear production with maximum guarantees and the highest quality after sales service. Some of which are produced and/or entirely reconditioned in our factory. She has a large staff of technicians specialised in immediately attending to our customers’ technical service needs.  

Pradas Sucesores, S.L, supplies all types of consumables for the footwear industry. Our warehouses hold a permanent stock of more than 1,000 referenced products.

Moreover, Pradas Sucesores, S.L. holds a permanent stock of more than 10,000 references of spare parts for every type of shoe machinery, some of which are produced in our factory thanks to our advanced technology. All we desire is to offer the shortest delivery deadlines on the market and the best after sales service possible to our customers.

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: María Ángeles Tomás
  • Phone: (+34) 967340482
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    Almansa (Albacete) CP 02640