Goyval Vinagres, S.L.

About us

Goyval Vinagres was the first company in Spain to specialise in balsamic and ecological vinegars and is today one of the members of the leading group of select vinegar producers in the country. With an annual production of 6 million litres, we deliver to shops specialising in gourmet and ecological products and to supermarkets both in Spain and abroad. We are committed to offering consumers top quality vinegar, which is unique and unrepeatable, a benchmark product, achieved through a perfect balance between artisan vinegar and modern equipment, obviously based on the exclusive use of the best raw materials. An advanced quality control system, competitive prices complete and ensure the excellence of

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Jesus Gómez Garrido
  • Phone: (+34) 967484451
  • Email: jgomez@goyval.com
  • Address:

    C/ Eras del Manzano, S/N · Madrigueras (Albacete) CP 02230