Agrícola Técnica de Manipulación y Comercialización, S.L.

About us

A.T.M.C. is a family company. It produces and markets both saffron and bulbs. It is located in the town of Minaya in the province of Albacete, which is part of the Castilla La Mancha region.

Our saffron

The saffron from this area enjoys prestige all over the world thanks to its high quality. Both the characteristics of the land and the climate, as well as the experience and good work of the area’s artisans make it unique. Although A.T.M.C. S.L. is a recently created company, the owners have more than 30 years’ experience in the saffron sector. Its limited and home-harvested crop with denomination of origin ensures a select and totally artisan product. A.T.M.C. S.L.’s regular customers are varied and demanding. They include gourmet and specialised shops and prestigious restaurants. The company has

Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Mª Angeles Serrano
  • Phone: (+34) 967450437
  • Email:
  • Address:

    Minaya (Albacete) CP 02620