NBIOL DEVELOPMENT S.L.: Research, Advice and Production of products for organic agriculture

Nbiol development, S.L.U. Nbiol development, S.L.U. Nbiol development, S.L.U.

About us

Nbiol development, S.L. is a young and dynamic company specializing in organic agriculture. Covering the needs of crops in a natural and sustainable way necessarily involves  relevant activity in Research and Development, having qualified professionals and by manufacturing quality products. Thus, these are the fundamental pillars on which  our activity is based.

In recent years, we have created a group of companies that support us individually to complete our activity from the laboratory to the farmer, these companies are:

Soluciones e Investigaciones Agronómicas (SEIA) develops and manufactures hi-tech fertilizers produced with high quality raw materials, which are exclusive products in the market.

AgroKaP is our distribution company in Spain, with a catalog of innovative products that solve problems in all types of crops.

Unity House is our TRAINING division. We have facilities in the center of Albacete where we develop different types of training activities in different languages.

Nbiol Biotechnology is a company formed with local partners in China, for the distribution of our products in that country. The development of commercial alliances or joint ventures in strategic markets is considered key for consolidation in the international market.

Social media

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Instagram: nbiol_development_sl
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Additional Info

  • Contact Person: Francisco Carlos Pérez Martínez
  • Phone: (+34) 658 840 406
  • Email: franciscocarlos.perez@gmail.com
  • Address:

    Albacete CP 02003